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How to fix the font size for Facebook updates in News Feed

You must have noticed smaller font size in News Feeds recently on Facebook. Facebook has been testing this smaller font size in the News Feed for a couple of days now; to be precise, since 3rd November. The font for status updates is the same size as that for comments. The larger font size was better and less strenuous to read. You can fix the Facebook font size for updates in News Feed by using browser bookmarklets or scripts.

Average webpage size increased five folds since 2003

The average size of a web page has increased by more than five times since 2003. The average size of a webpage used to be about 93.7 KB in 2003 while now it is about 507 KB. Doing the maths, we get around 5.4 times increment in the size of a webpage. When the data as of now was evaluated with that of 1995, a whopping 35 times increment in size was seen for a single web page. This is just about size. The web components have tremendously increased in the recent years and since 2003, the average number of objects per page has more than doubled.

URL Shortening bookmarklets for your browser

URL shorteners came along to help you trim the URLs to something short. There are lots of URL shorteners that help you shrink a URL to make it easy for you to share, or use in print. But copying a URL, heading over to the URL shortener website, shortening it and then grabbing the shrunken URL is a bit longer process if you really love shortcuts. In such cases, browser bookmarklets for URL shortening can be helpful. You can save the bookmarklet to your browser and shorten a URL with the click of a button. Here’s a list of some of the URL shortening bookmarklets from different services. To save them to your browser, just drag the javascript bookmarklet links to your browser’s bookmark bar.

Check rapidshare links before visiting

Sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Filefactory generally don’t require sign ups and all we need to do is upload a file and copy the URL provided for sharing. But sometimes, we are disappointed when Rapidshare or Megaupload show ugly error pages. But, a tiny greasemonkey script help us know such links very easily.

Internet Explorer’s Bug Patch to be Released

Microsoft is going to launch the patch for the Internet Explorer’s bug called Zero Day Vulnerability. Because of this bug, several websites suffer from a malicious JavaScript, which targets Internet Explorer 7. It may execute a series of redirections to multiple URLs to finally connect to one of several different domains.

Greasemonkey for Chrome

Greasemonkey is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows users to write scripts that change the functionality of a webpage. A website can be made more interactive with Greasemonkey. One can also interconnect two sites to integrate the information from both sites.