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See Facebook likes on Search results

When you search on Google, you get the results that Google thinks is the most relevant one. Wouldn’t it be great to quickly see the number of Facebook likes next to each search result on Google? With the Google +Like extension, you can have this benefit.

People search engine Waatp

There is a wide range of people search engines available on the internet and some of them offer favorable comprehensive results while others provide just partial information about particular person you are searching. One of such people search engines you can try is Waatp.com.

Search collaboratively with your friends using SearchTeam

Sometimes, you may not find the most appropriate result even after spending long hours on the internet or what you find may not be enough. In that case, searching collaboratively with a friend or a group of friends can be a better idea. Search Team is an online application that lets you search the internet with your friends and see the combined results in realtime.

Now search friends on Facebook in a better way

The friends list on your Facebook profile or the “Edit Friends” page lets you browse through your friend list. Facebook has enhanced the Friend search feature by letting you search using various filters like city, hometown, school, workplace, interest etc.

5 Useful search query Suggestion tools

As you type any query on Google, a list of the suggestions for the term shows up. This makes it easier and faster to search for anything. Besides you also get an idea of the related search queries. Google suggest has been integrated with Google Chrome and Firefox as well. Besides Google Suggest, Yahoo and Bing also show you the suggestions by simply populating the related and most searched terms. But if you want something more, here are some handy tools.

Wolfram Alpha in a nutshell – Explanatory video

Wolfram Alpha is the world’s first and most powerful computational search engine. Wolfram Alpha can do complex mathematical calculations and can do a lot many things. Wolfram Alpha can give you answers related to various fields like computing, astronomy, mathematics, agriculture etc. Here’s a great explanatory video on Wolfram Alpha that tells what Wolfram Alpha is in a nutshell.

Vectorfinder – A one stop place to look for vectors

There are plenty more other places to search and buy off the vectors. So, generally people would end up searching through a number of these sites until they find the suitable one. Searching vectors through Vector Finder spares you this trouble by pulling the designs from the major stock vector websites and letting you search through them from a single place.

Wonder wheel now in Youtube too

The Wonder wheel that was introduced in Google about a month ago is now on Youtube as well. The wonder wheel in Google is really a very useful tool for diversifying search results and getting more insights to the related content.

Google to launch a microblogging search engine

Twitter search sorts the results by their date i.e. in a chronological order and not their relevancy. There is a need for a perfect search engine like Google, Yahoo etc. for microblogging sites like Twitter.

Search options added in Google Video Search

Google Video search has added some advanced search options making it more easier to find videos. You must have noticed one of the latest features in Google Search, the “Show Options”. A similar “show options” can be found in Google video search too. You just do a search and you’ll see the “search options” at the top of the page.