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Security Risks for Smartphone Users

Wherever you are, whether you are simply at home, in the office or even if you travel to another country, you would always see a number of people using smart phones. Smart phones have become so popular anywhere because of the ease and convenience they bring. They not only give people entertainment because of the numerous applications that can be downloaded but they can also allow people to transact and do their work through them. Due to these, smart phones should also be equipped with an efficient antivirus software which would help protect people’s personal information and business transactions. Most smart phone users do not realize that smart phones are actually similar to computers. They need to be installed with an antivirus program because they are prone to viruses and malwares. With operating systems the same with the smart phones, users should also be aware that they need to protect themselves and this could be done with an antivirus program installed to them.

How to secure email hosting for business

Email or webmail hosting solutions provide customers access to messaging and information sharing resources. Securing email hosting can be a difficult issue for clients or users. Many of the suggestions for a secure webmail hosting can be planned. These tips are regular updates to functions, passwords, backups and many others. In this article we would discuss tips for secure email hosting.

Cool Gadgets to Keep Your Home Safe

Home security is important to everyone, no matter where you live. If you are looking to add some security to your home, check out some of these great gadgets. They may be just what you are looking for to keep your home and family safe.

The Broad Spectrum of Security Gadgets Available Today

The advances in technology have increased the number of products now available for use as security items. One major advance in this field is the ability to make these devices on an extremely small scale so they can be fit into everyday objects.

Five Authentication Options

The recent LinkedIn password breach was yet another reminder of how weak the simple password method of authentication has become. The base login name and password system is weak for two primary reasons: First, most people reuse their password on multiple sites, making it easier for hackers to get into a number of accounts. Two, most people use passwords easy to remember – so easy that the password is used by hundreds of other people, too. In one recent breach, it was discovered that the most common password was Red Sox or some variation of the baseball team’s name.

The Five Most Common Security Mistakes New Companies Make

Computers are a valuable tool for company owners and small business owners as well. They are used for storing sensitive data and are also used to access the internet. Computers also enable managers and employees to finish the job in a much easier and efficient way thus increasing the company’s production.

What You Need to Know About Google’s New Security Certification

It’s taken the cloud computing world by storm – Google just earned a new security certification for its cloud computing platform Google Apps for Business. You may have heard that Google Apps for Business now has ISO 27001 certification, but what does this really mean?

Wireless security? Do-it-yourself installation

Wireless security? Do-it-yourself installation? In the high-tech age of the 21st century, we’re definitely not talking about your parent’s home security system! While you might think that advanced security technology makes home security more complicated, the reverse is actually true – protecting your home now is easier than ever. Wireless means that there are no holes to drill and no wires to connect sensors and keypads. Wireless systems are safer for pets and children who could chew through – or get tangled in – wires. Many of today’s wireless systems can also communicate with the central monitoring station (which calls the police or fire department) using not only a landline, but also broadband internet and cellular/GSM technology.