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Traffic Generation In The New Era Of 2013 – Part 4

Done writing quality content for today. Enough of blog commenting for the day. Tired of the long discussions in today’s forum topic. What now? Well, there’s one big thing you’re missing. They call it the Social Media.

Traffic Generation In The New Era Of 2013 – Part 3

The want for traffic on a site has never had a limit and will never do. It is believed that the more traffic received, the more money a site makes. In the previous two articles, we discussed about how the quality of a site decides for its rankings on search engines. We also discussed whether blog commenting is yet an efficient practice to generate traffic (not for SEO). It was concluded that quality yet plays a very critical role, both for search engine rankings and user experience (on the site). For the second discussion, it ended up with a conclusion that a small amount of traffic can be expected from blog commenting.

SEO for e-commerce product pages

Search engine optimisation for e-commerce sites presents a number of challenges and opportunities that need to be overcome in order to maximise conversion and rankings alike. In this post we shall look at the product page only, and how to make the most of this vital element to any e-commerce business.

Blogger to WordPress Redirection- to use or not to use

Its easy to setup a blogger blog and start writing right away. But after a certain time, users prefer switching to Wordpress because of better customization options in Wordpress. Blogger to Wordpress migration is easy as there is a dedicated Wordpress plugin for the migration purpose. Redirecting Blogger blog to Wordpress can be done with meta refresh. But that sort of redirection isn’t much search engine friendly.

Translation gadgets for your site

A handy piece of information on the internet sometimes isn’t as easy to understand as always. If you are a blogger or an article writer you understand the importance of valued readers and you wouldn’t want any of them to bounce off just because they don’t understand the language your article is written in. The best option is to add a translation gadget to your site.