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Customer Service: Can Social Media Replace the Contact Centre?

If you believe the hype, social media is taking over the world. It’s the Internet’s version of a water cooler, online store, billboard, and concert hall, but is the hype true? Well, not everyone enjoys using social media – for some people, the privacy concerns and usability issues are just too great. However, few people like using traditional contact centre services; perhaps social media could solve the problems of confusing IVR menus, poorly trained contact agents, and long hold times.

Significance of Reverse Lookup Phone Technology in Everyday Life

“What number is that on the caller Id? “ Our caller Id is connected to the television so you can see the name and the phone number of the land line phone calls on the television when you are watching. “I do not know?” she says with guilty suspicion. I am not sure if she is taking that tone of voice to be funny of if she really is guilty “Well, they are always calling.” I flip through the options section to try to pull up the number again “I just thought they were your bill collectors,” she mentions with a smirk. I give her a stern look “Really? I keep up with my bills” she folds her arms and continues to watch the screen I’m going to call them back,” I say with an as-a matter-of-fact tone. She tries to grab the remote but I stand up and hold it way above her head “No don’t do that!” She pleads “Why? Is this one of your old girl friends?” “No.” she says grabbing her iPhone, “but we can use the internet to do a reverse phone number look up.”

Mobile Video On Demand: The Perfect Cure For Road Trip Boredom

Long car journeys are an absolute nightmare for most people. There’s always a back seat driver who thinks they know the road better than the person behind the wheel, and small children will no doubt regularly ask the dreaded question: “Are we there yet?” Imagine if there was a way to appease their discomfort, a way to keep them occupied whilst you fully concentrate on arriving at your destination. Mobile video on demand could be the answer to this.

Translate your Tweets with Twitrans

If you belong English speaking community and you aren’t familiar with other languages, you’d probably post your tweets in English . But if you want to post them in other languages that you don’t understand, use Twitrans for translating your tweets.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud based operating system from Microsoft. Azure is actually an operating System that runs over the internet from the Microsoft’s hosting data centers for the Azure Services Platform. Currently Azure is mainly aimed for web developers. Azure will help the Developers to manage and distribute Web Applications on the Internet through Microsoft’s own data centers.