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Do your friends see you online on Facebook all the time?

As we all know, a green circle next to a friend’s name on the Facebook chat list means that the friend is online. And a grey circle would mean that the friend is away or either busy. But do you have had complaints from friends saying that you don’t reply to them even when you are online 24 hours a day? Sounds strange but for many people, Facebook shows an online status even when the person is offline. Well it could possibly be because you could be using some instant messaging application on your mobile Phone. If you use IM+ application on your Windows Phone for chatting over Facebook and are being shown online all the time, here’s how you fix it.

Enable Godmode in Windows 7

From control panel, you cannot customize the settings than you could with Godmode. Godmode is a folder that lets you customize your PC for a wide range of settings from a single place.

5 Ways to Make Your Printer Faster

Most of the time, the solution to speeding up the printing process is to make some changes in the way that you print documents in order to reduce the processing and printing times. If you make the following five changes to how you print, you will find that not only does your printer work faster, but your operating costs will be reduced as well.

How to translate status updates on Facebook

You might have some friends who update their status in a language alien to you. So, you just skip them. You wouldn’t generally bother to copy it and head over to Google Translator for translation. Wouldn’t it be great to get them translated on the fly? Facebook Translate Addon for Mozilla Firefox can help you do that.

How to delete cookies of selected sites

Sometimes you need to delete the cookies from selected sites or from a single site to clear specific preferences without deleting all Browser Cookies. You can do this through a little workaround with Firefox Options or by using Remove Cookies for Site addon for Firefox.

Remove unwanted applications from your Facebook profile

From sharing photos and videos to using Facebook applications, Facebook seems to be a lot more entertaining than other social networks. Some applications are totally useless and you feel like ditching them once you use. You can remove Facebook applications that are not of much or any use.

Get mails translated to your language

Sometimes you may get emails in other languages like Czech, Chinese etc. You think such messages to be spam and neglect them. But sometimes, you may also get emails of your interest in your Inbox that are not in your native language. Now if you wish to read such emails, you won’t have to go to Google Translator or Babelfish. Google Labs now has a new plugin that lets you get your emails translated without having to leave your Gmail.

Specifying multiple home pages in Firefox

Normally you set the page that you visit most often as your homepage. In many cases, it could be search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. or web aggregators like iGoogle. But there can be a couple of sites that you visit everyday and you open them up by clicking through your bookmarklets. However, if you forget to click on the bookmarklets, you might sometimes miss a very interesting article or news. Well you can have multiple home pages in Firefox as well. All of them open up in separate tabs and not in separate windows that makes it more easier for you.

Copy files from browser cache to your folder on hard disk

You watch photos of your favorite celebrities on the internet and skim through the photos clicking the “Next” and “Previous” buttons in the photo galleries. You sometimes wish to save them on your hard...

Undo sending a message in Gmail

There are times when you are in a hurry while writing mails and sometimes write things that could mean something else, misspell a spelling or something like that. And your practiced hand clicks the send button right away when you realize that something wasn’t right in the email. What will you do? Send another email correcting the mistakes, or regret for the next couple of minutes for having hurried? How would it be if there was some option for cancelling a message being sent? Well Gmail’s new feature lets you undo a message that is being sent.