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Use Video in Social Media Marketing

If you own a site and run a business, you can share news and corporate events, pictures to draw customer’s attention and build a relationship between your customer and your brand. It can be done either on your site directly, or using a social media resources. On your social media page you can build a real community of fans and customers and share important updates and news.

Share your localhost using Localtunnel

While working on a website, it is wise to test it first on a local server before uploading. So what if you want to show your localhost to the world? Using Localtunnel, you can share localhost on the internet.

Connect with people sharing similar interests with Groupie

With the ever growing popularity of iPhone, wonderful apps for iPhone keep growing. A iPhone user may find a wide range of apps to get things done easily. Groupie is a free iPhone app that connects you with people who share your interests and hobbies.

Add social sharing to your site using InsiteBar

Blogs and other regularly updated websites like their content to spread like a jungle fire through social networking sites. Almost all such websites use social sharing plugins to let people easily share content on their site over Facebook, Twitter etc. Insitebar is a utility that site owners and bloggers can add to their website to enhance social sharing.

Save and share moments of your child’s life with MomentGarden

Children are the best asset of parents. Parents cherish and try never to forget even the little things of their offspring’s childhood. When even the subtlest things from the childhood of your children are remembered, they twist up your lips into a smile. But it is rather difficult to store all such moments properly. MomentGarden is a service that was created with a purpose of helping parents collect and share and save the precious moments of their children with the people that matter most.

Share files online easily with Ge.tt

When the file size that we need to attach in an email exceeds the attachment limit, we look for online file sharing services using which we can upload and share files on the fly. There are sites like box.it, rapidshare that allow quick uploading and sharing of files. GETT is another such utility that lets you share even large files and share them in an instant.

How to share an uploaded document on Google Docs or Zoho for Collaborative editing

Zoho or Google Docs are popular not only because of their online editing and storage features but also because of document sharing and collaborative editing functionalities. But at times, you also need to create documents on computer using Word or some other software like OpenOffice. Direct uploading of such documents will hamper document editing capabilities in Google Docs or Zoho. Here are a few things that should be kept in mind.

How to block Facebook social plugins on websites

If seeing too much of them has distracted you, Facebook blocker can be of help. Facebook blocker can block all Facebook social plugins and make them disappear altogether from any site. It is available as a browser plugin for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Get more out of Facebook’s Like Button with Ingboo

The Like Button on Facebook is just a One Time sharing function. Imagine if you could transform it into a connection for ongoing updates and sharing based on user interest; wouldn’t it be great? Ingboo, a very handy online utility that answers your question and helps you do just that.

Add images, Tweets and more to any page with Layers

How often do you bookmark a page or share it over social networks? Sharing isn’t a one step procedure but there are many applications that make it easier. Layers is a Google Chrome plugin which is lets you do more with webpages by letting you add sticky notes, images, videos, maps from Google Maps and even tweets to any web page. You can then share it to your family and friends over social Facebook or Twitter.