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Google Voice Search Lands on iOS, Could Spell Trouble For Siri

The tech world’s most favorite former partners-turned-enemy couples Apple and Google are once again going at it, and once again, Google will probably come out with the upper hand. In a move that probably shouldn’t really be all that surprising, Google is introducing a voice assistant system much like Apple’s Siri to iOS. This is a big step for Google, but not really in the direction of mending any ties between the former Google Maps partner.

Hi-Tech Innovations for Geeks

Technological innovations have been happening in industries ever since there have been inventions. These innovations focus particularly on the improvement of products, services, ideas and technologies and hence, have no doubt contributed to the betterment of man’s life. As in the past, this year will also see some innovative ideas that is thought to be of immense help to not only computer and mobile industry but also to business, social networks and car industry.