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It’s Time to Talk with Your Televisions

Where are the VCRs, VCPs, typewriters and the pagers of yesterday? Strange but true – developments in technology keeps appearing now and then but they keep disappearing over a period of time as well. Curiously enough, there were number of wonderful inventions that are nowhere today and a number of other electronic stuff that are all set to become extinct sooner or later.

Top 10 Windows Phone apps

Microsoft tried to break in to the smartphone market with Windows Phone when Android and iPhone were sitting on top and all the other smartphone platforms were dropping around them like flies. Even with positive reviews Windows Phone was having a hard time getting the attention of smartphone users. Here are some of the best and most popular apps for Windows Phone.

Reasons to Look at VoIP and SIP Technology for Your Business

The growth of VoIP (Voice over IP) has grown substantially over the last ten years in both residential and business communities. Phone service over the internet gained great notoriety thanks in part to Skype which made it possible to make online calls to fellow Skype users at no cost, and to non-Skype users the cost was very small.

Show your Skype online status on your WordPress blog

Skype is rapidly growing with around 560 million registered users. Skype is best known for voice and video calls over the web and many people prefer to use it as a standalone messenger as well. Skype online status is a Wordpress plugin that enables you to add a fully customized Skype button to your blog. Well its not just a plain static button; it can display your online status on Skype as well.

Make calls from the browser with Gizmo Call

Gizmo Call is a VoIP service from the Gizmo Project which is backed by the SIP Phone. Unlike softwares like Skype, you need not download an additional piece of software; you can make calls...

Earn money with Skype

Have you ever used Skype for talking to your friends and family? As many of you know, it is one of the most popular VoIP softwares with over 300 million users worldwide and counting.