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Beginning Your Pin Quest On Pinterest

If you’re familiar with other social bookmarking sites, getting started with Pinterest should be a snap. We’ve designed this section of the report, however, to take even a newly trained internet user how they can take advantage of all Pinterest has to offer. Read and follow each step verbatim to get the most out of your experience with the world’s largest growing social gathering place.

Using Twitter to find new customers

The way we look for information is changing. It’s not just about using the web instead of picking up the telephone any more. While Google.com is still the most popular site on it, the internet is getting more and more social. Instead of trusting a search engine we can now ask real questions of real people, read real reviews, and use them to get better data.

How to add Facebook’s Send button to WordPress

Sometimes, you might want to share something with just a few select people; an image uploaded on imgur for instance. In such case, Like buttons may not be the best way to share. Realizing this, Facebook has brought forth the Send button with which you can share a link with only the people you choose.

Funnelscope – A hotel search engine based on the social networks

How often do you travel places? If you are a traveler you must have had experiences of looking for hotels of your type. There are a lot of sites on the web where you can look for hotels appropriate for yourself. But Funnelscope is one of its kind as it lets you search hotels based on the data from social networks.

Get more out of Facebook’s Like Button with Ingboo

The Like Button on Facebook is just a One Time sharing function. Imagine if you could transform it into a connection for ongoing updates and sharing based on user interest; wouldn’t it be great? Ingboo, a very handy online utility that answers your question and helps you do just that.

The Social Network – A movie about Facebook released

Facebook, the state of the art social networking website has been made into a movie now. The movie entitled, “The Social Networks” was directed by David Fincher and was released yesterday. The screenplay was adapted from Ben Mezrick’s non-fiction novel, The Accidental Billionaires. No members of the Facebook family including Mark Zuckerberg were involved in the project.

Drrop – Interact with people through Drrops

A new Japan based website Drrop has been launched that will let you interact with people with the help of Drrops. You might ask what a drrop is. Well a drrop is like a status update from people who you may know or not know and you may see those drrops only once once you wipe them away.

Cool text effects for social profiles

If you are an avid Facebook user, you must be updating your status on it every now and then. Some people also love changing their status in messengers very frequently. If you want to try something new, like updating status in a cool way, you can try out some crazy text types.

Remove unwanted applications from your Facebook profile

From sharing photos and videos to using Facebook applications, Facebook seems to be a lot more entertaining than other social networks. Some applications are totally useless and you feel like ditching them once you use. You can remove Facebook applications that are not of much or any use.

How to send tweets from Gmail

There are various methods for sending tweets to Twitter. Well you send out your tweets through the medium you think is the easiest. Some tweet from the Twitter website, some from other 3rd party...