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How to insert a Google spreadsheet into a Google Docs document

Google Spreadsheets and Google Documents have become essential tools for those who regularly need to deal with documents and spreadsheets. But sometimes, you need to insert a table created in Google Spreadsheets into a Google Document. Google Docs doesn’t let you insert a Google Spreadsheets directly into a Google Document. This feature on the other hand is easily available in Microsoft Office. Don’t worry, here is a workaround for inserting a Google Spreadsheets into a Google Document.

Send invitations in bulk with embedded Google Maps using Google Docs

Creating a mail merge function with Google Spreadsheets can be a herculean task if you aren’t familiar with the charms of programming. Well, you don’t have to worry much about it; you can use the Map Mail Merge template for Google Spreadsheets to send out customized invitations and attach a custom Google map with each email, varying with the address of each invitee.

Make Twitter Widget for your blog with Google Spreadsheets

You can get a Twitter widget from Twitter’s site to embed in your blogs. Or there are other third party tools that make it easier for you to show a Twitter widget on your blog. Do you know that you can also make your custom Twitter widget with Google Spreadsheets? This is very easy to do and you can fully customize the colors, number of tweets to show, size of the widget etc.

Upload Excel 2007 files directly to Google Docs

The latest version of Microsoft Office Excel till date i.e. Excel 2007. The extension of files created or edited with Excel 2007 are saved as .xlsx files. This kind of file is not supported by the earlier versions of Microsoft Excel i.e. by Excel 2003. This kind of file was also not supported by Google docs. But recently they have added a feature letting you to upload Excel 2007 files.

Format your Google Spreadsheets with colors

Coloring cells in Google Spreadsheets may help to have a quick overview of numbers and figures. Like you can highlight all the decimal numbers in green. You don’t want to manually highlight each cell right? So, let spreadsheets do it for you.

Google Spreadsheets enhanced for Mobile devices

The Google Docs team has added the editing feature in Google Docs Spreadsheets from mobile devices which was previously limited to viewing only. So, now you’ll be able to edit your Spreadsheets on mobile without having to stick to the computer.

Google Docs Templates-Cool and Useful

Sometimes you need to create documents on your Google Docs in a jiffy. Something like an invitation card, to send out to your friends or maybe a short schedule. So, what will you do, dole out some time in adding colors to them? You won’t be satisfied if your invitation card looks ugly. But you won’t need to make a fuss, at such times Google Docs’ templates come in handy.

Google Spreadsheets-Extract numeric values from cells

Many times you need to enter two different values into a cell sometimes both text and numbers. By default Google Spreadsheets aligns the numeric entry to the right and text entry to the left. But Spreadsheets will discard the numeric value and consider the whole input as a text value.