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How to Become a Tab Pro

All my friends used to make fun of my tab usage. I don’t blame them either; at any given moment in a browsing section, I would have anywhere from 20 to 40 tabs opened in one window. Everyone would tell me to stop middle-clicking every link to open in a new tab, but to me, having that original Google search really helps if the tabs I open at first aren’t as helpful as I would like. Then, I just delete the unhelpful tabs, and go back to the Google results page that I left open.

Browse the internet without using a mouse

Mouse and Keyboard are the best known input devices for a computer for a long time now. Even if you have to intermittently jump between your mouse and keyboard, you can’t resist using the both or part from one of them. But how about browsing the internet with just your keyboard and no mouse? Don’t get scared, you won’t have to switch between Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab to visit the links. A Firefox addon Mouseless browsing has been built just for this very purpose.

Specifying multiple home pages in Firefox

Normally you set the page that you visit most often as your homepage. In many cases, it could be search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. or web aggregators like iGoogle. But there can be a couple of sites that you visit everyday and you open them up by clicking through your bookmarklets. However, if you forget to click on the bookmarklets, you might sometimes miss a very interesting article or news. Well you can have multiple home pages in Firefox as well. All of them open up in separate tabs and not in separate windows that makes it more easier for you.