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How to see larger versions of thumbnails on Facebook

The thumbnail images of friends help us take a quick glimpse on his/her activity, without having to read the name. Facebook’s thumbnail images look decent in size for a thumbnail, but if you need to get a larger preview of the thumbnail, you’ll need to head over to your friend’s profile page. If your friend has shared pictures on Facebook, there’s no choice but to open the images to view them large on their respective pages. But with inYOf4ceBook script for Greasemonkey, you can easily preview larger versions of images just by hovering your mouse over them.

Vectorfinder – A one stop place to look for vectors

There are plenty more other places to search and buy off the vectors. So, generally people would end up searching through a number of these sites until they find the suitable one. Searching vectors through Vector Finder spares you this trouble by pulling the designs from the major stock vector websites and letting you search through them from a single place.