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5 Benefits of Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

Ever thought of communicating with your customers in a unique and different way? Keeping updated with social media is now a main priority for many successful businesses and knowing how to do this can often be a daunting prospect.

Touchscreen Technology the most innovative and exciting investments for businesses

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk of biggest electronic inventions that the decade has witnessed? Few days back, when this question came up in a friendly discussion, my answer was ‘Touchscreen Technology’. This ground breaking technology has taken every gadget lovers by surprise with its integration in our daily life uses. With the help of this extraordinary technology computer users can open, select and copy things by placing their fingers on screen. This technology is not just limited to computers but also used in mobile phones, iPhone, LCDs and iPods.

Ubuntu reacting to changes in physical environment

Although the dawn of the touchscreen devices has lowered the usage of keyboard and mouse a bit, they still reign over. These days, many ways of input into a system have been devised with the hardware sensors. Now how about controlling a system without any of the popular input devices? Cannonical has been working on a technology that can enable users to control a system via their body movements and Face recognition.