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How To Find Out If Your Cell Phone Is Monitored By Spy Software

Mobile phone tracking software has become a controversial tool. You can use a cell phone tracking app in order to keep close tabs on your kids, spouse and employees to make sure they are not doing something wrong. Such tracking apps, however, are being used maliciously as well. If someone is tracking your smartphone, this means that person can access your contacts, messages, conversations, pix and so on. In other words, your personal data will be compromised.

StealthGenie Cell Phone Tracker – For The Win!

The advancement in technology seems like an Olympic marathon, moving at a fast pace. It has brought upon us and dawned upon us with much convenience in our lives. However, some aspects of the technology have also parted ways between parents and their kids. How is that? Through cell phone!

Best Ways to Track Your Traffic

Tracking your website traffic is very important, but it can be difficult to do without an analytical program. Some people rely on the number of comments their posts receive to judge traffic, but there are many popular posts that just receive one or two comments. Other people check their server for the number of hits. This doesn’t work because a hit is registered whenever someone downloads an image, style sheet, text or anything else. It’s common for one visitor to register over 100 hits. If you want clear results, then you need to use one of these analytical programs.

Utilizing Project Tracking Software

Every business whether a small business or a large corporation complications and challenges are inevitable, no matter how prepared a small business or large corporation may be. Unfortunately, some of those complications and challenges may become too complex to track due to a steady, continuous stream of request tickets from your customers. This is where the use of Project Tracking Software often become relevant and prevalent for many small businesses and large corporations to utilize. The use of Project Tracking Software increases the efficiency to handle and track certain issues that may be needed in the future to assess previous tickets regarding a product or service and decrease the amount of customer concerns and complaints.

Send proposals and track them with Quote Roller

If you are in the sales business, at one point or another you have had to create a proposal for your prospective clients outlining the bells and whistles of your solution, and why they should sign up with your company. QuoteRoller is an application that lets you send and track proposals through an intuitive interface.

How to know if the recipient opens your email

Email Oracle can be the perfect tool if you want to track email opens. Email Oracle as of now is available for Gmail users only. It is downloadable as a Firefox addon. After you install it, you’ll need to authenticate it for integration with your Google Account. When this is done, you’ll find a “Tracked Emails” link on your Gmail navigation. You’ll also see an Email Oracle Dropdown towards the top of Gmail’s interface.

Google Analytics-Asynchronous tracking

Google Analytics, has recently launched an asynchronous tracking feature that will hopefully prove fruitful to large sites and even small ones should get benefited. The Asynchronous tracking feature boasts a significant reduction in website loading time upon its implementation.