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A photograph of a Turtle resembling the Twitter fail whale

The Twitter Fail Whale, that is employed by Twitter when it is overcapacity is very popular. It is a garphic created by Yiying Lu which shows a whale being held up by a flock of birds in an ocean. Such a scenario isn’t conceivable in the real world but a photograph taken under the sea featuring a frail turtle swimming over a reef and a couple of fishes hovering around it is very similar to the Twitter Fail whale.

Twitter fail whale necklace, cake and more

Every Twitter user must have come across the Twitter fail whale when Twitter datacenter is over capacity. This whale landing on your screen means that you’ll be deprived of using Twitter for a couple of seconds or even minutes. The image also known as “Lifting up a Dreamer” actually comprises of a giant white whale, ten small birds and a blue sea with orange waves. The twitter whale was ubiquitous during the World Cup 2010 when the football fans where busy tweeting regarding the great football festival. The fail whale is immensely popular among Twitter fans and it has been sculpted into various forms.