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The Post-Penguin State of Domain Names

The past 15 months have been tumultuous for all of us in the internet world,enduring the unexpected aftermath of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Post-panda, parked domains stopped ranking in the search engines. No doubt, if you venture out into digital world, you accept the roller coaster ride offered up by the ever-changing landscape of the search results. We unknowingly face hundreds of algorithm changes each year without much ado, but the latest Penguin update represents a new era in Google bombs for most website owners.

Update Simple Tags plugin to fix Permalink redirect in WordPress 3.1

Simple tags is a very useful plugin that helps in adding tags to your posts. It automatically populates a list of tags as you start typing in the tag section. It also has an option to link to the tag pages through posts. If you are using simple tags and use permalink redirect plugin, its high time that you updated Simple Tags plugin for Wordpress 3.1.

WordPress 3.1 Django available for download now

The most awaited version of Wordpress, Wordpress 3.1 has is now available for download. Wordpress 3.1 also called “Django” can also be updated from the dashaboard. Django is named after the Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Five ways to automatically post updates to Facebook from your site’s feed

Every company and website has a Facebook fan page. The best way to share updates from your blog to Facebook is to automate the task of sharing any post to Facebook as soon as it gets published. Applications like Twitterfeed, Networked Blogs, RSS Graffiti, Objective Marketer etc. will help you do it.

Keep a track of your most loved web applications

You use a lot of web applications everyday to satiate your digital thirst. But keeping a track of the latest updates happening on them might require your deep concern. Don’t worry, Unwrapp will make it snappy for you.

Cool things with Twitter

Well just besides tweeting about your daily chores, updates and learning about what the people in your network are doing, you can use Twitter to do a lot of useful things. Besides just gossiping, see how people are using Twitter for good reasons.