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Managed File Transfers – Makes Data Management Easier

Many people are trying to manage their file systems but since there are many types of file transfer systems that are available today, people are confused about which one to choose. There are two types of file transfer systems that are available today which are FTP and Manage File Transfer or MFT.

Zbugs – an online tool to compress your JS and CSS

CSS and JS used on a site considerably increase its size. For sites with very flashy graphics, the CSS and JS files are obviously large sized and therefore may significantly spike up their loading time. Zbugs is an online utility with which you can merge, minify and Gzip compress JS and CSS files.

Beautify your CSS with ProCSSor

The outlook of a site mainly depends on its CSS. But the CSS itself can be made to look colorful and elegant. ProCSSor is a great free service that can add bells and whistles...

Online OCR Service

OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition”. It is the process of recognizing texts in a scanned image by a computer. OCR software are very useful and there are lots of them. OCR is also available through Microsoft Office Document Imaging. But you might not get a software anytime on your demand. But you can also have free OCR service online through some websites.

Upload Excel 2007 files directly to Google Docs

The latest version of Microsoft Office Excel till date i.e. Excel 2007. The extension of files created or edited with Excel 2007 are saved as .xlsx files. This kind of file is not supported by the earlier versions of Microsoft Excel i.e. by Excel 2003. This kind of file was also not supported by Google docs. But recently they have added a feature letting you to upload Excel 2007 files.

Uploading Gmail attachments made easy

Attaching files to your email in Gmail sometimes may have irritated you quite a lot as you would have to open up the dialogue box every time you upload a single file. But Gmail now lets you select multiple files to attach to your email in a single take.

Video now available for free Flickr account

For free users, the fun of enjoying videos in Flickr was not possible. But now Flickr has added a feature letting the free members to upload videos as well. The HD videos uploaded by the pro users on Flickr can now be viewed by everyone.

iPhone as a WebServer

When you hear about WebServer, the thing that first comes to your mind is a cluster of very powerful computers. But an application launched for the iPhone called the ServersMan@iPhone lets you use your iPhone as a webserver.

Power your Twitter with Power Twitter

Power Twitter, a mozilla firefox addon developed by Narendra Rocherolle will amaze you if you are a regular Twitter user. Due to very simple functionalities in twitter, other services like Twitpic, Tweettree etc. have come up to add some flavor in it. You will find this addon to be handy and easy to use.

Convert PDF to Word/Excel and vice versa online

Word or Excel files to PDF and vice versa can be a clumsy job for some people. If that makes you sigh then don’t worry, feepdfconvert can be your all time friend for converting PDF files.