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Top Firefox Add-Ons for SEO

If you have a few different websites, trying to keep track of all the different statistics and SEO projects can be time consuming and confusing if you aren’t really organized. Fortunately, different web browsers have various SEO plugins and extensions which can help to keep track of all your SEO endeavours, and Firefox is no exception.

Gmail and Google Reader’s favicons are more than just that

Favicons instantly help us which website is contained in a tab. Gmail’s Favicon can be more than just a favicon. It can be very informative in terms of showing the number of unread emails. Google Reader’s favicon can also be used in a similar manner. This can be done easily with a Firefox plugin and a handy greasemonkey script.

Power your Twitter with Power Twitter

Power Twitter, a mozilla firefox addon developed by Narendra Rocherolle will amaze you if you are a regular Twitter user. Due to very simple functionalities in twitter, other services like Twitpic, Tweettree etc. have come up to add some flavor in it. You will find this addon to be handy and easy to use.

Most useful firefox addons

If you want something more than just regular web browsing from your Firefox browser, you can have desired outputs by using certain Addons for Mozilla firefox. Addons like Scribefire, SeoQuake etc. are some of the most popularly used Addons for Mozilla Firefox.