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Try FixMyMovie now…It is shutting down on 31st December

Since cameras with video recording capabilities were introduced into mobile phones, a lot of people have begun using them for capturing some precious moments on the go. But before the revolution in the mobile video technology hit the scene, users were relying upon those low quality camera phones that captured extremely blurry movies with ragged details.

Which drawing tool do you use? Google Spreadsheets?

Google Docs has made life easier for many people by helping them edit and share their documents online. But can you imagine using Google docs for drawing? I found a video on Youtube that interested me a lot. Hope you’ll also be amazed.

Customize Youtube Videos for Embedding on Websites

A great way to provide information to people is through videos. If you are a blogger, you must have embedded videos from Youtube, Revver, Vimeo etc. to your posts to create much interactive articles. Well the most ubiquitously seen embedded videos in most of the websites and blogs are the ones from Youtube. But the embed code provided by Youtube gives a very general video player which may or may not match the template of your blog.

Sproutbuilder-Create interactive flash widgets online

Now you don’t need to be a hardcore programmer to bulid basic flash contents for your website. Sproutbuilder will make your work easier than ever before if you intend on building some useful flash widgets. Stuff that are created on Sproutbuilder can be placed on your blog or your website very easily.

Morphing Images with Sqirlz Morph

Sqirlz morph lets you morph two or more images seamlessly if you master the skill for doing it. A couple of months ago, I had come across a website which offered a simple fun game asking to recognize the celebrities whose faces were morphed into one. Back then I had thought that they morphed those faces using Photoshop. When I came to know about morphing software called Sqirlz Morph, I understood how they do it.