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Winners of Kepard Premium VPN Giveaway announced

The winners of Kepard Premium VPN Giveaway have been chosen. We were a bit late on announcing the results and are sorry for that. The winners are: Briareous Hex Karthik Venkatraman Nii Okai Goulouis...

Giveaway: 5 Premium VPN Accounts for 3 months by Kepard

Security and protection are more important today than ever before. Between hackers and monitoring, it can be hard to transfer data with any degree of anonymity. This is why having a VPN service is so important.

Kepard – A fast VPN service

Basically, a VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a technology that helps you protect your online identity once your data leaves your computer. VPN technology allows you to access your computer network at your office over the internet in a secure way. Although there are remote desktop services for the same purpose, a VPN is somewhat different; it is useful for more than just remote access. A VPN can be used to link two separate networks over a distance securely. If you are familiar with the benefits of having a VPN service for your office network and are looking for a reliable service provider, Kepard can be of interest to you.

5 Characteristics of an Easy-to-Use VPN Service

When searching for a VPN service, it is easy to focus only on the features and details related to the technology behind it. While everyone using a VPN places an emphasis on gaining a secure, encrypted connection to the VPN server, this won’t do any good if the service is difficult to use. This is especially true for users who are choosing a service for the first time. Fortunately, there are a handful of characteristics which are easy to discover and provide immense insight into the ease-of-use of the service.

VPN in Apple iPhone is the best security against threats?

In the present era of technology people are using smart phones in their daily life as it is providing facilities to its user from basic to executive level. Smart phone allows managing daily tasks because of its useful applications. Tablets are also a kind of smart phone with more exclusive and vast features. Apple products like the iPhone and iPad are the hottest gadgets these days and they are launching their products time to time to entertain its users. These Smartphones like iPhone very easy and compatible to use and people can carry them anywhere. Nevertheless its usage and importance, security issues are always the concerns of customers.

Why get a VPN Service?

In any aspect of life, the importance of privacy and security can never be underestimated. Whether it be in a business, your home, or at work, people always take privacy and security into careful consideration.

Popular uses of encryption

Without encryption many of today’s websites couldn’t exist. From email accounts to bank websites, encryption plays a vital role in many people’s everyday lives. Many forms of encryption exist from VPNs to file encryption or even commonly used but less commonly thought about methods such as SSL.