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5 Best Web Connected Printers

Cloud computing has presented a challenge to the business communities who wish to print anywhere in the world without regard for computer compatibility in the receiving office. Printer manufacturer have answered the call by designing a printer that is linked directly to the internet and capable of printing any document it receives from any external source. Called e-All-In-One printers, these magicians are capable of accepting printable materials from anywhere on the globe, in any format, and producing high-quality printed documents within minutes. These five models are produced by two manufacturers.

Building a web page with CSS without using HTML

HTML is the main basis for the whole world wide web. Without it, the internet cannot exist as of now. Mathias Bynes of CSS Tricks has given us an idea on how a mock up webpage can be created with just CSS and no HTML. Remember, this trick should NOT be used in a real website. We’ll have to use the link tag to do this which isn’t supported by all browsers although Firefox and Opera support it.

Add images, Tweets and more to any page with Layers

How often do you bookmark a page or share it over social networks? Sharing isn’t a one step procedure but there are many applications that make it easier. Layers is a Google Chrome plugin which is lets you do more with webpages by letting you add sticky notes, images, videos, maps from Google Maps and even tweets to any web page. You can then share it to your family and friends over social Facebook or Twitter.

Create your personal web history library with Hooeey Webprint

Keeping a track of things that we do on the internet is very difficult. Hooey Webprint is a recent startup that helps you recall webpages visited in the past with much ease. It is an approach towards building a library of your Internet history. It keeps an archive of the pages you visit and you can search through them later as they are stored on your own computer.

Average webpage size increased five folds since 2003

The average size of a web page has increased by more than five times since 2003. The average size of a webpage used to be about 93.7 KB in 2003 while now it is about 507 KB. Doing the maths, we get around 5.4 times increment in the size of a webpage. When the data as of now was evaluated with that of 1995, a whopping 35 times increment in size was seen for a single web page. This is just about size. The web components have tremendously increased in the recent years and since 2003, the average number of objects per page has more than doubled.

Google Analytics-Asynchronous tracking

Google Analytics, has recently launched an asynchronous tracking feature that will hopefully prove fruitful to large sites and even small ones should get benefited. The Asynchronous tracking feature boasts a significant reduction in website loading time upon its implementation.

Open your Office Documents on Computer with Google Docs

If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, your office files like DOC, XLS etc. will automatically open up in Word or Excel. If you wish to see them on Google Docs you don’t need to upload them. You can configure your office files to open directly in Google Docs on double clicking.