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Show your Skype online status on your WordPress blog

Skype is rapidly growing with around 560 million registered users. Skype is best known for voice and video calls over the web and many people prefer to use it as a standalone messenger as well. Skype online status is a Wordpress plugin that enables you to add a fully customized Skype button to your blog. Well its not just a plain static button; it can display your online status on Skype as well.

Cool text effects for social profiles

If you are an avid Facebook user, you must be updating your status on it every now and then. Some people also love changing their status in messengers very frequently. If you want to try something new, like updating status in a cool way, you can try out some crazy text types.

Make Twitter Widget for your blog with Google Spreadsheets

You can get a Twitter widget from Twitter’s site to embed in your blogs. Or there are other third party tools that make it easier for you to show a Twitter widget on your blog. Do you know that you can also make your custom Twitter widget with Google Spreadsheets? This is very easy to do and you can fully customize the colors, number of tweets to show, size of the widget etc.

Add Google Reader’s shared or starred items to your blog

I assume that you already run a blog. You might want to embed a list of interesting articles from your favorite blogs that you read off your Google reader. But updating a link to those posts every time from your blog’s admin can be a bit tedious. Well, if you use Google Reader as your feed reader, you can easily show your shared items on Google Reader in your blog.

Popular posts widget for your blog based on the highest number of traffic-I

You want to show your readers the posts that are most popular on your blog. If you use Wordpress for maintaining your blog, you can use or must have already used plugins that show off the most popular posts. Placing such widgets help you get more traffic to your quality posts. But the wordpress plugins basically display the popular posts based on the number of comments, i.e. the more comments a blog gets, the higher is its rank on the popular posts widget. The posts that get the highest number of comments are not necessarily the posts that get the maximum number of traffic. So, what if you want to put a popular posts widget that shows the posts getting maximum number of traffic?

Add Google News to your Website

News should be within the hand of every busy person on Earth. But with the updates happening every minute, staying tuned to news all the time is not easy. Sensing this, Google has just come up with Google News based widget for blogs and websites.

Add a browser based IM to your website with Toksta

Toksta is a browser based messenger service and you can integrate it on your website with ease. This service is completely free. You’ll need to add a few lines of code and you’re done. Or if you use wordpress, a plugin for wordpress is also available.