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Windows 8 Review And Key Features

With more than 300 new features it tempts us to look into it and see what they really are. As the famous quote by Dave Barry “Bill Gates is a very rich man today…...

Illusions theme for Windows 7 by Josh Sommers

Windows 8 has already been released as developer preview by Microsoft. But it will take long before Windows 7 starts losing its charm. Windows 7 has lots of options for OS customization and enhancement of its visual appeal. A lot of cool Windows 7 themes are available for free. If you are looking for a creative and totally unique theme, you would be interested in the Illusions theme created by Josh Sommers.

Windows 8 Revealed on Video

Windows 8, the upcoming OS from Microsoft and rumors have it that Windows 8 will also have the live tiles feature as in Windows Phone 7. But until the official release of the OS, nothing can be said more about how it would look like. But Microsoft Developer Evangelist J. Michael Palermo IV(former MVP &RD) has given some important details on Windows 8 in an interview by Spike Xavier at Interface’s Tech Immersion 2011.

A first look at Windows 8 Interface – Video

The software market is already abuzz with speculations about how the software might be and what would be the major improvements from its predecessors. Windows 8 interface is an expansion of the very interactive live tiles in Windows Phone 7’s User Interface. Microsoft believes that this would throw off the conventional concept of icons used on a background.