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See if you are being tricked on instant messengers

If you have hundreds of friends added to your yahoo or other messenger, you sometimes feel irritated at the bombarding messages every second from them. And then you think of appearing invisible to everyone and then talk secretly with some of your very near ones. Do you wish to know who is fooling you around by appearing offline?

Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta build 14

Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows Live Messenger. This is actually a beta version. The interface is very much different from its previous version. One can find a plethora of handy features and it seems that Live Messenger has made a bunch of improvements over the year.
You first need to download an online installer which in turn will download all the necessary components and install them on the go. The installer also lets you select other optional utilities to download like Windows Live Photo Gallery, Live Writer and so on. If you have an existing older version of MSN Messenger, it will be automatically upgraded.