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Nokia Lumia 920 May Give Android and iPhone Run for Their Money

The newly announced Nokia phone, Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows 8, the newest version of the Windows Mobile OS, is set to hit the market in a couple of weeks, and analysts are already saying that it could give Google and Apple a run for their money in sales.

Windows Phone 8: It’s Make or Break Time

The Windows Phone OS has been kicking around for a few years now. So far, Windows Phone 7.5 has mostly been included in Nokia’s Lumia range of handsets, which have proved to be moderately popular in certain countries including Germany, though they have failed to put Windows Phone on the map – the operating system’s market share is still measly. Windows Phone 8 is set to be a modest revamp of the OS, which should increase its uptake on smartphones outside of Nokia, and hopefully get it noticed by more users.

10 Free Apps for Beginners of Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

If you happen to be someone new to the Windows Phone gadget and are not much aware of Nokia Lumia 800 or Lumia 710, then I’d like to inform you about the integration of ‘Windows capabilities along with the power plus experiences users will get to have with Nokia’ is something totally new and it includes all the vital elements of an incredible Smartphone. Considering the solid and impressive outlook, superior performance along with a powerful and robust OS of Windows makes this Nokia gadget more of a power house. In this post I am listing down the 10 free applications for Nokia Lumia Windows phone which you are going to enjoy on your device a lot.

Top 10 Windows Phone apps

Microsoft tried to break in to the smartphone market with Windows Phone when Android and iPhone were sitting on top and all the other smartphone platforms were dropping around them like flies. Even with positive reviews Windows Phone was having a hard time getting the attention of smartphone users. Here are some of the best and most popular apps for Windows Phone.