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Get the Best Windows IT Support Possible

Windows is the most popular computer operating system in this world. There are very few people, at least amongst those who have received some education or have held an office job that would not have either used it or seen somebody using it. Some would say that it is as ubiquitous as Coca Cola. It is used in offices, homes, and schools. It is used in banking, trade, and commerce, as well as in industry and government organizations. Its conquest of the earth is complete, and Bill Gates the progenitor is one of the richest men in the world.

10 Free Apps for Beginners of Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

If you happen to be someone new to the Windows Phone gadget and are not much aware of Nokia Lumia 800 or Lumia 710, then I’d like to inform you about the integration of ‘Windows capabilities along with the power plus experiences users will get to have with Nokia’ is something totally new and it includes all the vital elements of an incredible Smartphone. Considering the solid and impressive outlook, superior performance along with a powerful and robust OS of Windows makes this Nokia gadget more of a power house. In this post I am listing down the 10 free applications for Nokia Lumia Windows phone which you are going to enjoy on your device a lot.

MSN Visualizer – A visually appealing music showcase

Ever wanted to enjoy music while watching beautiful handpicked pictures? MSN Visualizer, does just that for you. It is a music showcase app developed by Swiss design house Hinderling Volkart. The app pulls pictures from Flickr and song lyrics to render music videos for a group of tracks. The lyrics for the songs are shown on the screen word by word and they sync perfectly with the song.

Fix computer hanging issue while applying user settings

Even though Windows Vista has now been more or less replaced by its successor Windows 7, there are some people who use Vista as their operating system. If you are a user of Windows Vista, you must have come across the issue when the computer hangs while applying Computer Settings in the login process. This issue is also seen in Windows Server 2008. But with a quick hotfix, you can easily solve the issue.

Illusions theme for Windows 7 by Josh Sommers

Windows 8 has already been released as developer preview by Microsoft. But it will take long before Windows 7 starts losing its charm. Windows 7 has lots of options for OS customization and enhancement of its visual appeal. A lot of cool Windows 7 themes are available for free. If you are looking for a creative and totally unique theme, you would be interested in the Illusions theme created by Josh Sommers.

How to easily add programs to run at startup

There are some programs and software on your computer that you cannot live without. Be it your favorite browser, your music software or any other software related to your profession; there are always a couple of them that you use everyday. Wouldn’t you like to open up such programs at startup without firing them up one by one once you start your computer? Well here is a simple trick to choose programs that you would like to kick start automatically after your computer starts.

How to speed up booting time in Windows

Who wouldn’t want to use a faster PC. Sometimes, we get so annoyed with our computers when they take minutes after minutes to boot up. Wouldn’t you want your computer to boot faster without doing much? Here is a registry trick that can considerably lower the startup time of your computer.

Drive Genius

Improve Your Mac’s Performance – 7 Quick Fixes

Mac users are not plagued by computer slowdowns to the same degree as Windows users are, who, Over time, may be troubled by computer performance that declines markedly. This is not to say, however, that Mac users are immune to the problems of computer slowdowns and other glitches. They may also put up with machines that run slower than they need to. Here are some tips for improving your Mac’s performance.

Designing a website using Turnkey virtual appliance

Aside from death and taxes, there are not a whole lot of universal certainties one can rely on. When it comes to the Internet, however, one thing is for certain: it just gets bigger and bigger every day. As the Internet gets bigger, websites become more and more sophisticated, with complexities that can cause the average web developer premature aging, insanity and other disorders if website development isn’t taken care of properly. Yes, it is that serious. While the 20th century term for occupational madness may have been “going postal,” the new 21th century term should definitely be “going web developer.”

How to enable Add to Quick Launch in Windows XP

Windows Vista has a very useful feature that lets you add items to the Quick Launch Folder. The Add to Quick Launch option that can be seen in the context menus upon right clicking on an icon lets you add a shortcut of the item to the Quick Launch Folder. This feature however lacks in Windows XP and older versions of Windows. Here is a tool that lets you enable add to quick launch in Windows XP.