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Know which planes are flying overhead with Wolfram|Alpha

The uses of Wolfram Alpha are countless. From performing complex mathematical operations to getting various high level statistical data, Wolfram Alpha does it all and using it is as simple as a pie. Give the name of any two cities and Wolfram Alpha will return results with relative data from both cities. Give it a problem of calculus and it will solve it for you within seconds. Added to the list is a feature that will leave you spellbound. Wolfram Alpha can now tell what planes are flying overhead while you have sipping your warm coffee.

Use Wolfram Alhpa for Urban traffic stats

You can now have urban traffic statistics like average peak travel time, daily rush hour etc. using Wolfram|Alpha. It lets you compare traffic and get statistics of urban transportation in more than 100 urban cities in USA. Wolfram Alhpa utilizes the data from Texas Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Report.

Wolfram Alpha now plots 3D graphs for bivariate functions

Wolfram Alpha the computational search engine makes your life easier by helping you do complex mathematical calculations within seconds. Enter any algebraic function and Wolfram Alpha will draw a graph for the function instantly. Wolfram Alpha now is not just limited to plotting graphs on the 2D Cartesian co-ordinates but can also plot 3D graphs.

Plot a heart curve on Wolfram Alpha

When it comes to Wolfram Alpha its mostly about measurement and precision. Do you know that Wolfram Alpha can plot a heart curve, the symbol of love from a complex mathematical equation? Impress your beloved this Valentine’s day by telling her the mathematics behind the love symbol.

Convert currency with your favorite search engines

Some people frequently need to convert currency and use the conversion charts. But in the advanced age of internet and with the development of many online tools, converting currency using the currency conversion charts and flicking open the calculator doesn’t look practical. There are lots of websites where you can find that provide currency conversion tools. But how about using your very favorite search engines for currency conversion?

Wolfram Alpha in a nutshell – Explanatory video

Wolfram Alpha is the world’s first and most powerful computational search engine. Wolfram Alpha can do complex mathematical calculations and can do a lot many things. Wolfram Alpha can give you answers related to various fields like computing, astronomy, mathematics, agriculture etc. Here’s a great explanatory video on Wolfram Alpha that tells what Wolfram Alpha is in a nutshell.

Wolfram Alpha App now coming to Android

With the upsurge in developments of new Android applications, Wolfram Alpha has announced the release of Wolfram Alpha app for Android. The company has announced in its blog that the Wolfram|Alpha App for Android will be avaialbe on October 6, 2010 and they have teamed up with T-Mobile to launch the app. The app will be available for download on the T-Mobile channel for download on the new T-Mobile G2 phone.