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Do your friends see you online on Facebook all the time?

As we all know, a green circle next to a friend’s name on the Facebook chat list means that the friend is online. And a grey circle would mean that the friend is away or either busy. But do you have had complaints from friends saying that you don’t reply to them even when you are online 24 hours a day? Sounds strange but for many people, Facebook shows an online status even when the person is offline. Well it could possibly be because you could be using some instant messaging application on your mobile Phone. If you use IM+ application on your Windows Phone for chatting over Facebook and are being shown online all the time, here’s how you fix it.

Quickly checkin to Facebook and Foursquare with 1st Place

If you are a fan of both Facebook places and Foursquare, wouldn’t it be handier to do so from a single place? 1st Place is an application for Windows Phone 7 with which you can easily checkin to both Foursquare and Facebook.