How to automatically post Google+ updates to Facebook or Twitter

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July 13, 2011

Most bloggers set their Facebook pages to automatically post updates from their blogs. There are lots of applications on Facebook that let you automatically post updates from your blog to Facebook. If you have become an ardent Google+ user, you might want to post your Google+ updates to Facebook and Twitter. This can be done with a combination of a couple of applications.

Facebook applications like RSS Graffiti, Sendible etc. let you push updates from your blog to Facebook pages or your profile page via the RSS feeds of your blog. Plusfeed is a tool that gives you the RSS feeds for any Google Plus profile. We had covered Plusfeed on Techattitude recently. Your feed URL will look like this: “”. To post  updates to Facebook, go to RSS Graffitti application on Facebook and authorize it to publish updates to your profile. You will see the pages you admin on the left hand menu; select the page you want to post updates to. After authorizing, click on the Add Feed button and add the RSS feed URL of your Google Plus profile onto it. Preview the Feed and finally save it. You can change the settings for the feed like its source name, source URL, Feed style, post type etc. You can also add filters to the feed, schedule it and more.

Google Plus updates to Facebook or Twitter
To post Google Plus updates to Twitter, you can use the famous Twitterfeed application. Twitterfeed lets you post updates to Twitter through a feed URL. Sign up for an account on Twitterfeed. Go to the Twitterfeed dashboard and click on the “Create New Feed” button at the top right corner.  Now give a name for your Feed(Google Plus for instance) and enter the Google plus feed URL into the RSS feed URL box. Click on the Advanced Settings button to configure options for update frequency, post content and more. Now go to Step 2 and select Twitter(You can use Twitterfeed to post updates to Facebook as well but it has lesser options and doesn’t post images either). You will need to authenticate your Twitter account. Once your account is authenticated, click on the Create Service Button. Now whenever you post anything to Google Plus, it will automatically be posted to your Twitter account as well.

Thus, using RSS Graffitti and Twitterfeed, you can easily post Google Plus updates to Twitter or Facebook.

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  • User

    When I post my G+ profile into Twitterfeed, it gives an error that isn’t really discussed in their FAQ.

  • Kentcorey

    How do I find my Google+ Feed Url

  • Anonymous

    It will be something like this

    you just replace the number at the end with your Google+ ID number that can be copied from the URL on your google+ profile page.

  • Anonymous

    you shouldn’t post the G+ profile into twitterfeed but instead post the link with your correct ID there.

  • Vinnie Vegas

    How about info on posting your blog feed to Google Plus?

  • Anonymous

    it would be great but currently there are no tools as such 😉

  • Ali Davut

    Best way to share posts from Google+ to Facebook or Twitter is

  • Traceymorris03809

    Your Right!!!

  • Jason Johnson

    How would this work with circles? I don’t want everything I post to my circles to showup on facebook. Could I set this up to just repost stuff from a particular circle?

  • JEP

    What does RSS Graffiti do in this chain?  PlusFeed turns G+ into RSS, which is posted to twitter and facebook via twitterfeed.  I don’t see a place for another step. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    RSS grafitti also posts the thumbnail.

    Sent from my Windows Phone

  • pat

    Tried it and liked the simple way of sharing posts from Google+. Thanks for the share!

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  • Oliver Theobald

    Great things, but has anyone found a way yet to automatically post your twitter posts on Google+?

  • Ron Roberts

    This seemed to have stopped working, damn.

  • Fedil

    If you use an iPhone there is an easier way:

  • steliokontos

    This doesn’t work it keeps saying something about GUIDs or a date

  • There are several plugins to automate the process.