shortens using custom domains for Pro user’s websites

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November 25, 2010 Pro is the commercial service by for pro users and provides more features than the standard service. Users get custom short links, pro dashaboard and a easy setup. Pro users can shortens the links on with the custom domain. But if you shorten URLs of websites that are on a pro account, you also get the URL shortened on custom domain. custom URL shortening
For example, Mashable uses pro and you must have noticed on Mashable’s twitter that all the URLs that they share are of the form They probably do it from their account. But even if open up and enter a URL from Mashable for shortening, you’ll get the shortened URL of the form http:// This is true for all websites on pro accounts. But for URL bundles, you get links in all cases.

Other popular blogs like Techcrunch, ReadwriteWeb etc. also use pro when you shorten their links with, you’ll get URLs of the form and respectively. Foursquare, Yahoo, Pepsi etc. are also on pro and the same applies to them as well.

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