Building a web page with CSS without using HTML

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December 14, 2010

This is a guest post by Arvind Ranabhat from Mallu.

HTML is the main basis for the whole world wide web. Without it, the internet cannot exist as of now. Mathias Bynens has given us an idea on how a mock up webpage can be created with just CSS and no HTML. Remember, this trick should NOT be used in a real website.

Mathias has used two nifty tricks in CSS that aren’t very popular. Even <html>, <head> and <title> tags are not required as they are automatically generated if a browser finds them missing. Even though they aren’t mentioned, we can style them as browsers can automatically generated them.
Create webpage with CSS without HTML
The link HTTP header allows one to send <link> elements through HTTP headers instead of including them in HTML code. We can include stylesheets in an HTML document using nothing but a HTTP header. So using the link header, we can make a page without any HTML code. But the link header isn’t supported by all browsers besides Firefox and Opera that support them. The sample page looks like this; view the source for the page(Ctrl+U) and you’ll find it empty.

You can read the full article by Mathiyas at CSS Tricks.

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