Change your Facebook News Feed Settings to see all updates

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February 16, 2011

The New Facebook has a plethora of added options and tweaks as compared with the older version. The News Feed from your friends is fully customizable and you can even sort the feeds by Status Updates, Photos, Links, Page Updates or Pages. But have you noticed lately that you are seeing the updates in your news feed only from the same people? Not just that, you must have also noticed that only the same circle of your friends are commenting on your pictures and status updates while others seem to take no account of your updates? Don’t worry, its not that your friends are ignoring you outright; the default settings for the News Feed in Facebook is the culprit.

Due to the default settings for News Feed, most of your friends don’t get your updates and you don’t get theirs either. On the New Facebook, the Settings for the News Feed is set to show only posts from people who you’ve recently interacted with or interacted the most with. This limits your so called “most interacting peers” to the ones who you interacting frequently with just a few days or weeks before switching to the new profile. So, your friends who interacted with you within those weeks or the ones on whose posts you commented on only fall in the list of the people you interact with the most. Same is the case for the like pages; i.e. the pages that you were commenting on.

Same is the case for your friends; if they weren’t commenting on your posts or if you weren’t commenting on theirs in the last few weeks before switching to the new profile, they aren’t seeing your updates lately.

Facebook Newsfeed settings
Facebook Newsfeed settings

But you can modify the settings for the News Feed and you’ll start seeing the updates from your friends whom you haven’t been hearing from lately. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your News Feed and click on “Edit Options”. You can also get the options box by clicking on “Edit Options” from the “Most Recent” dropdown at the top of your News feed. On the “Show Posts From” dropdown, you’ll see that the option “Friends and pages you have interacted with most” is selected by default. Instead, choose the next option i.e. All of your friends and Updates and click on the Save button. This will do the trick and the updates from all your friends will start appearing on your News Feed.

Also ask your friends to do this or they won’t be seeing your updates if you haven’t interacted with them lately.

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  • Terrirenaeadams

    This doesn’t fix the problem – I have the same problem as Bonnie and Shamarie.  Go to “Account” then “Edit Friends”.  there it says “recently interacted”.  You can change it to “All Friends” at that point, but as soon as you leave there, then go right back, it has reverted to “recently interacted” ….. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Terrirenaeadams

    I have same problemo.  grrrr

  • Anonymous

    You need not go to the account>edit friends page. Just go to Edit
    Options at the bottom of your news feed. There you will see options for
    showing posts from all of your friends or only the ones you have
    interacted with the most.

  • Shamarie Gardner

    Reverts back. Can’t save changes.

  • Bonnie Leamon Ingalls

    The problem with this my options at the bottom of my newsfeed shows “All can see” but when you go to “Account” “Edit Friends” there it indicates jsut those I have “recent interactions” with.

  • Azais1

    I agree.  It didn’t work!

  • Paul Byrne

    This does not work. If you then go back to view account >edit friends it still says recently interacted.So problem reported by original post has not been resolved

  • Going to “Account” and then “Edit Friends” doesn’t solve anything, it only changes the way your friends are sorted on that particular page. What you have to do in order to change it is go to your News Feed, click “Most Recent” and then the arrow that appears besides it. In the menu that pops up there, click “Edit Options”. There you can change the option for showing posts from “recently interacted” to “all friends and pages” again.

  • Vvka

    Well, another hour wasted trying to change this setting. I go to News Feed… and I find no where to access “Most Recent”… therefore no arrow and no Pop Up “Edit Options”. And you are correct… Account to Edit Friends changes nothing.  And just to put in my 2 cents… the new “Ticker” column is a waste.

  • Jsiegel26

    My “most recent” button is also gone.  Now all the updates I receive on the home page are out of order. 20 hours ago updates mixed in with 2 minutes ago updates.  So annoying.  Not sure how to fix that. 

  • Steve

    It’s just a thing that Facebook haven’t removed.
    To do this on the News Feed drop down go to Edit options and ensure All of your friends and pages is selected and not Friends and pages you interact with the most 

  • Simon Corr

    I have exactly the same problem, can’t seem to find any fix for it, no button for most recent & no way of going back to a chronological listing.. :-/

  • NMouellet

    Just dislike the new layout and options….enough not to go on FB anymore.  So aggravating!!!

  • Ram KuMar

    not having Show posts from option ,check out the image plz help

  • Pete Stacy

    I’m not sure what to think. When I go to the News Feed dropdown, I don’t see anything like you or anyone else is talking about (see pic). My real problem is that my newsfeed only goes back a couple of weeks and I can’t figure out how to get past that….

  • bumi

    and it didnt work….

  • bumi

    ya same here…argh..hate it..

  • Marinemom6284

    Facebook now will NOT allow you to scroll all the way to the bottom to click the ‘edit options’ button, nor do they display this choice with the ‘most recent’ – so again they have deliberately circumvented a fix to their control.

  • Dennis Hunter

    There is no ‘edit options’ at the bottom of my news feed. I am trying to ELIMINATE all these commercial ads that my friends claim they are not sending to me, or even ‘liking’.  Most claim they haven’t been on FB in many months, yet the daily flood of political ads comes as ‘Person X likes…”  I want the newsfeeds to be as restricted as possible. I have had to unfriend some dear friends because nothing but that works.  My edit button on newsfeed does absolutely nothing. The bottom just allows me to read ALL of my friends if I choose (I DO NOT!!!) 

  • Daffyduk2006_3

    i am having the same issue as ur having i can only view most recent cant access the down arrow to change settings back to top stories, 

  •  This post is more than a year ago, so many things in the interface have changed.

  • precogtyrant

    Facebook’s settings seem to have been changed; we will need another workaround.

  • precogtyrant

    Yes, you are right 🙂

  • I don’t have show posts from, only hide posts under news feed