Easiest way to extract images from a Word File

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March 28, 2012

When it comes to textual content or any other writeup, most of the people prefer Microsoft Word as the main platform for creating such documents. Many people just work on the textual content without adding any media files or images to their documents. But others like students or other researchers may prefer creating a document rich in both text and images. There are times when you are provided with a Microsoft Word Document and you need to extract images off it for usage at some other place. There are lots of ways to extract images from a Word Document; I am sharing the easiest method for extracting media files from a Microsoft DOCX file.

You should understand that a Microsoft Word File with the extension .docx or .doc is an archived file. It means that it is actually a compressed file containing the text and the images used in the document. So, if you change the extension of the Word File from .docx to .zip, it will be a valid ZIP file. So, simply go ahead and change the extension of docx file to zip.

Now open the Zip file with WINZIP for extraction. You will find a folder named theme under the Word folder. Open the theme folder and you will find all the images used in the Word File there. Simply copy all the images or extract them to a folder on your computer.

Thus, you can extract images from a docx file easily without the use of any software.

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  • Thanks for this… this is a life saver. Often I get docx files sent to me and as a Mac user I don’t have Microsoft Office by default so have a real problem extracting images. This little tip will change the way that I work! Than you again. Bookmarked.