Find the best fallback fonts

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April 30, 2011

The use of Web fonts with CSS3 is increasing at a rapid pace. With so many beautiful web fonts to use from, web designers are always on the lookout for the best font combinations. But generally, the use of web fonts with the standard fonts enhances user experience as it significantly lowers the time required to load a webpage. If you are a web designer, you must be familiar with Fallback fonts. Fallback fonts are the alternate fonts that are specified in the CSS when the font of first priority is not available in the system of the user. FFFFALLBACK is a nifty javascript bookmarklet with which you can try out alternate fonts for a webpage.

With FFFFALLBACK, you can easily test fallback fonts for a webpage. You can easily see the combinations of alternate fonts and finally choose combinations in such a way that you designs don’t look ugly even if the primary fonts aren’t available on the user’s computer. FFFFALLBACK is a browser bookmarklet and thus easy to install. Just drag this bookmarklet link to your bookmarks toolbar and it will be installed instantly.

After installing it, go to any webpage and click on the bookmarklet. FFFFALLBACK then scans the webpage to find the existing web fonts used. It then clones the page and provides you a sidebar with a handful of tools that you can use to test various fallback font combinations on the page.

The whole idea behind FFFALLBACK font testing tool or bookmarklet was inspired by a blog post on Choosing Fallback Fonts.

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