Five Tips for Online Shopping

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June 6, 2012

Shopping is something you either love or hate doing. For many it’s a form of relaxation, quoting “retail therapy” to their partners who are being dragged around the high streets for the umpteenth time that month spending money that they don’t really have. For others, it is a way of treating themselves after a long month at work when pay day finally arrives. Here are some tips on shopping online.

Unfortunately, we’re in a position where money isn’t coming freely or easily to any of us – with the exception of professional footballers of course – so we’re looking to save money wherever possible. Shopping is one of our most loved activities, with millions of pounds being spent each year, and more and more of us are turning our backs on the empty high streets and hitting the Internet instead.

For many this is unknown territory, for others it is a chance to grab a few bargains or to get away from the stresses of the town or city centres. But to help you get that little bit extra out of your online shopping experience here are five key tips:

  • Look for discounts. By searching online for promotional or discount codes you can find a number of websites which will allow you to get money off at the checkout. Taking a specific area as an example, if you’re looking to buy a camera online that you saw in a shop, you might type in Dixons promotional code and see if you can find a site that helps you to get some money off, in the form of a discount or maybe free delivery.
  • Shop around. Don’t just plump for the first website you find that sells the item you’re looking for. The good thing about the Internet is that you can buy the same item from a variety of stores so you may find that you can get it cheaper on another website.
  • Look for bundle deals. When you look at an item online, you might find that some sites suggest similar items to you. While this can be frustrating, and you wonder why you could ever want that item, the majority will offer the suggested item and the one you’re looking for at a reduced price when buying them together, so when you find a suggested item that is of interest, cash in! Especially if you’re a student looking for books or someone trying to come up with an outfit for that party in two weeks.
  • Check the size before confirming. We’ve all been there, even when we’ve bought clothes on the high street. Got home, tried them on and it doesn’t fit. Now having waited and waited for it to arrive in the post, the last thing you want to be doing is sending it back, so check the measurements of the item before confirming your order.
  • Remember the postage price. Having found your item and gone through the complicated checkout process, you need to find the best method of postage. While everybody wants their shopping to arrive the next day, this can be very expensive. Choosing a postal method that takes something in the region of three to five working days is often free with some companies, so patience pays!

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