How to add Facebook’s Send button to WordPress

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April 26, 2011

Facebook’s set of Social buttons is now cherry topped with the newly introduced Send button. The Like button is the most popular of all social sharing plugins by Facebook. With Like button, a link can be shared to all your friends on Facebook. But sometimes, you might want to share something with just a few select people; an image uploaded on imgur for instance. In such case, Like buttons may not be the best way to share. Realizing this, Facebook has brought forth the Send button with which you can share a link with only the people you choose.

You can easily add the Facebook send button to your WordPress blog. It can be added to the earlier Like button or added as a standalone button. It would be handier to add both Like and Send button with the same code.

Web developers who currently use the XFBML Like button can add the send=”true” attribute in the older Like button code to get a single button for both Like and Send. Those using an iFrame version of Like button should upgrade to XFBML to display a Send button.

To add Facebook Send button with the like button, add this code to your WordPress template where you want the buttons to appear.

<div id=”fb-root”></div>
<script src=”″></script>
<fb:like href=”” show_faces=”true” width=”450″ send=”true”>

If you want to add a standalone send button, alongside the Like button, use this piece of code.


If you don’t want to edit your code, there’s a recently developed WordPress Plugin for Send button Integration. Facebook Like and Send button plugin lets you easily add these buttons to your posts. This plugin also provides a shortcode with which you can add the Send button to post, page or template and also customize them. Facebook have announced in their blog that in near future, they will provide realtime metrics for the send button in the Facebook Insights Dashboard.

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