How to extract images from Google Docs Document

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January 22, 2011

Google Docs is probably the most popular cloud based Word Processing Application for editing and viewing documents online. With addition of great useful features, one can get all the basic benefits of standalone desktop word processing software on Google Docs. Google Docs lets you insert images into a document as well. But what if you open the document from another computer and need to extract the images inserted into the document? Here are some tricks for doing that.

Google Docs doesn’t allow you to download the image from the document editor window. It only allow you to add hyperlink to the image or remove it. But you can take another approach. You can first publish your document as a web page and then download the image as you would do on a web page. From the “Share” button at the top right hand side of the document editor, select “Publish to the Web”. You’ll then get the URL of the webpage. Open it and download the image as you would do on a normal web page.

Extract images from Google DocsAnother method of extracting images from Google Docs is by downloading the whole document to your desktop. You can download the file in .DOC or .PDF format (In Google Docs, go to File>Download As> Word), open the files with applications like Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader and then drag the image contained in the file to the desktop. This will prompt you to save the file. Go ahead, give it an appropriate name and save it to your hard disk.(Note: This trick may not work on some computers though). But if you have lots of images inserted into the document, this method can be very much time consuming. In such cases, the HTML export format works the best. Go to File> Download As> HTML(Zipped). This will download the HTML file in ZIP format. Now open the ZIP file with WinRar and you’ll see a folder named images. Extract the folder to your hard disk. This folder contains all the images contained in the word document in Google Docs.

Thus you can easily extract images from Google Docs using these techniques.

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  • abc

    Google allows you to save the file using different formats. I saved the document using open document format (.odt). Then I opened the document locally and copied the image out.

  • precogtyrant

    This is helpful. Thanks 🙂

  • yep thanks, best way for the moment

  • Kyle C

    Doesn’t work for an animated gif. 🙁

  • JVimes

    “Shift + Right Click” brings up the browser context menu in Chrome. From there I was able to save the image to my hard drive, copy it to the clipboard, etc.

  • Google Docs might have changed. Sure, shift right click lets you bypass Google’s context menu but when I choose “Save as” it only lets me save the HTML page and not the image that I clicked on.

    I better way to do it is to shift right click on the image, inspect element, and grab the image from the DevTools window

  • JVimes

    Yep, they changed it. Good solution.

  • Great tip, exactly what I was looking for!

  • Potato


  • Adam Hughes

    Everytime I start to really get behind google prodcuts, there’s some pidgeon-holing feature that makes me want to throw my hands up and scream:

    docs: need workaround to save images (almost every user ever will want to do this at some point)
    chromebook: need workaround to use skype
    chrome: need workaround for your most-visited tabs not to be displayed on a new window

  • Sindhuja Sukumaran

    Tried opening the doc as a Dochub format and that helped me get the “Save Image” option. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Erik van der Neut

    That’s right, that’s how it used to be, until they changed it. Very annoying that they made this change, because it was also a very easy way to see images in their full native size by opening the image in a different browser tab (instead of shrunken down into the Google Doc), which was incredibly useful for reviewing design documents. I’m extremely annoyed that Google made this change, and I wish they would put the ability back in to download images directly or open them in a different browser tab.

  • Jessica Van Curen

    I got to this point of inspecting the element but I don’t understand how you “grab the image from the DevTools window”

  • OkThen

    This is ridiculous. It should be a feature.

  • Pierre Roudaut

    File -> Download as- > (.html, zipped)
    You’ll get a zip with an image subfolder with every images contained in the doc.
    You’re welcome 🙂

  • PaintClaw

    Here is what I did: Copy the image thats on the document, go to google slides, paste the photo and make it a bit larger, download the slide, with an editing software ( I used picmonkey ) crop it so the other stuff on the slides is gone. Just download and you have the picture, much easier

  • Awesome tip man! Thank you! Saved my ass!!

  • vincetg2
  • I was facing this issue till now. Thank you for sharing.

  • Google sure made a simple task rather difficult… thanks for the great tips! Much appreciated.

  • If you’re looking to extract images to bring into wordpress, you should give Postable a try – You can bring a fully-formatted Google Doc into WordPress in about 15 seconds with images included. There’s also a free trial.

  • Sergei Poliakov

    fucking idiots

  • Adnan Siddiqi

    @christophemeudec:disqus Downloading as HTML(ZIP) is more easier for layman 🙂

  • This is really a useful information. Now I can extract images from google docs.