How to extract MP3 from Youtube videos

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July 22, 2011

There are dozens of sites that let you download videos from Youtube. Other tools and addons as well as some greasemonkey scripts are also available that let you download Youtube videos with much ease. But what if you just want the audio for the song of your favorite artist to play on your MP3 player? You might say that you’d download the video and then convert them to MP3 using MP3 converters. But there’s an even easier way to download MP3s from Youtube videos. You can extract MP3s from Youtube videos using a new tool by Keepvid.Keepvid is one of the most popular sites for downloading Youtube videos. Recently they have added an option for letting you download just the audio of any video on Youtube besides the videos alone. To use this tool, you must have Java installed on your computer. If Java is installed on your computer, go to Keepvid and enter the URL of the video you want to download. It will then give you the links to download the video and also a link to download the audio in MP3 format.

Thus, you can easily extract audio from Youtube videos in MP3 format using Keepvid.

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