How to get a personal disposable email address

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May 1, 2011

Disposable emails are very handy for preventing spam. If you need to download a PDF guide but have to provide your email address, its better to give a disposable email address so that in future, you won’t be bothered by any nagging or promotional emails from the party. But when you give your email address, you not only tell them where to send you mails but also tell them where they can read it. Its because most of the people are familiar with the disposable email websites where any inbox can be opened without a password. So, what if you want to receive emails at a disposable email address but don’t want others to open it anytime? Well, with Mailinator’s alternate inbox you can easily have a personal disposable email Inbox.

Mailinator is a popular disposable email website. You can simply enter a desired name for example peter and the inbox for will be opened for you. In this scenario, peter is a very common name; so its highly likely that many people use it as their disposable inbox. Moreover, if you use this email address elsewhere, other people can easily figure out that it is a disposable email address and check all the messages in it. So, think of some name that isn’t common or is hard to guess like Even still, if you use this email address to sign up for something or on forums, others can easily open it and see what’s inside. Here is where mailinator’s Alternate Inbox comes into play. With Mailinator, you can get an alternate email id that will open your inbox that others cannot open without knowing the original email id. It will act as your personal disposable email inbox.

Mailinator Personal Dispoable email inboxFor example, for the email address in reference, the alternate email id is So if you want to receive an email, simply use this alternate ID i.e. and it will land in the inbox for No email will come in the inbox.

Thus, you can maintain a personal disposable inbox that others won’t be able to open. Just make sure that you choose an ID that is not very common.

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