How to get the older Facebook chat sidebar back

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September 4, 2011

Facebook chat sidebar now covers full length of the screen and spans vertically to take up all the height. This surely makes it easier to have a glance at more number of friends as compared to the earlier one. But many of you may not be very fond of this longer sidebar(including me) and would want to revert back to the older Facebook chat sidebar. Wouldn’t you wan’t to have the older sidebar for Facebook chat? If yes, the Facebook Sidebar Chat reversion script for Greasemonkey can be of great help.

The newer version of Facebook chat sidebar extends from the bottom to the top. There isn’t even an option to minimize this sidebar. Facebook has also made it a bit difficult to appear online or offline to certain chat groups. Previously, you could do it simply by clicking the green icon next to a group and you would instantly appear offline to the friends on the group. But now, you will have to click on the Limit availability button and choose the groups that you want appear offline to. If you aren’t very fond of these latest changes in the Facebook chat sidebar, Facebook Chat Sidebar reversion script comes in very handy. Just go ahead and install the script on Greasemonkey. Now open Facebook on a new tab. You will instantly see the changes in your chat window.

With the Facebook Chat sidebar reversion script installed on your browser, you can minimize your Facebook chat window that would have been impossible with the new chat sidebar. You can simply appear online or offline to a particular group by clicking on the green icon next to each group. The script also shows you the number of friends that are online or idle. You can also choose to show online friends only or group friends by online and idle.

Facebook Chat Sidebar reversion script doesn’t just get you your older Facebook chat sidebar back but also adds a lot more options for you to chat and organize even better. You can also keep the list of online friends always visible. So, if you do not like the new Facebook chat sidebar, this is a very useful extension that will get you your older Facebook chat sidebar back.

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