How to import a blog from Blogger to WordPress – Alternate method

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October 27, 2010

Many bloggers after using Google’s free blogging service, “Blogger”, opt to migrate to WordPress. WordPress allows better control over the content and is highly customizable. WordPress by default provides the option to import a blog from Blogger. It is very easy and can be accomplished by a few button clicks; that’s it. But in some hostings, an error is encountered due to the lack of secure connection. In such cases, the content should be first exported from and then imported to WordPress. This process can take a bit longer but works perfectly for everyone.

Some shared hostings block outgoing HTTPS from their shared hosts. They can’t ensure secure connection with Google(Blogger) due to which the request for importing the content is denied. This usually doesn’t happen in dedicated hosting plans or VPS hostings but can be a problem for shared hosting. When you try to import through the blogger plugin in WordPress, you might get a message similar to this,

Could not connect to

There was a problem opening a secure connection to Google. This is what went wrong:

Unable to find the socket transport “ssl” – did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP? (4)

Thank you for creating with WordPress. | Documentation | Feedback

Version 3.0.1

Or you might also get this message:

There was a problem opening a secure connection to Google. This is what went wrong:

Connection timed out (110)

You’ll first need to export the content from your Blogger blog and then import it to WordPress. In your blogger account, go to the settings page for the blog you want to export. Now, you’ll see a “Export Blog” option. Now, click the big “Download Blog” button and download your full blog as an XML file.

Import Blogger to WordPress alternatelyNow this Blogger XML file can’t be imported outright to WordPress. WordPress needs a special WXR file to import any content. So, first you need to convert the downloaded XML file to a WXR file. A very handy utility hosted by Google Apps Engine can convert your legacy Blogger Atom exports contained in a XML file, into WordPress WXR export files. Just upload the XML file and click the “Convert” button. After a while, your WXR file will be ready for download.

Now head over to your WordPress admin. Click Import from the “Tools” menu. Choose the “RSS” import option. Now select the WXR file converted in the above step and click “Upload and Import” button. After a few seconds, your Blogger blog with all its content will be imported.

This is a fail-safe alternate method to import Blogger to WordPress and works even if your server blocks secure HTTPS connection to import content from Blogger. Don’t upload the same file twice by mistake or you’ll wound up with a duplicate for all your posts.

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  • I keep getting an error when I try to use this utility. Any idea why?

  • Anonymous

    you mean the tool that is used to convert the blogger file to wordpress compatible wxr file? Maybe your XML file wasn’t imported properly.

  • I exported the XML file from my Blogger blog and uploaded it to the converter utility to convert to a WXR file. I keep getting an error. I’ve tried to run it 12 times…same error message. It’s not me, it’s the converter that is having issues.

  • Anonymous

    Then your blog must be very large. You should instead download the tool to your computer and convert using the command line utility. Here is the tool.

  • I did that. Even installed Python & a Windows installer program on my PC. Still can’t get the tool to work for me. I have Googled til my fingers are sore for instructions and got nothing I understand. Even found a PDF book…still don’t get it.

    Can you give me step by step instructions?

  • Anonymous

    exactly how many posts do you have on your blogger blog?

  • I have 604 posts on my Blogger blog.

  • Anonymous

    you can try importing your blogger to blog. First register a blog for free and import your blogger blog to it using the
    import tool. It shouldn’t show errors while importing using the engine. When its done, export it right from into
    a wordpress compatible file. Now import the file on your self hosted
    wordpress blog. It should work.

  • I’ve already tried that. Not all the posts and comments come over. I have actually been on self-hosted WP for 18 months, but am trying to fix my SEO & broken links by finally getting all my posts over from Blogger. I’m having issues. The Blogger importer in WP is either not recognizing the Blogger blog at all or showing it as having 200 posts less than it actually does. It’s very frustrating.

  • Lee

    Hi, I tried you way, and it did not import the comments. It does not has problem with the hosting though. Unlike importing from blogger, import through RSS does not has a quick button to remove all the imported posts.

  • I am converting an old blogger blog to WordPress for a client, and the xml file is 15.9MB. I keep getting memory errors. Tried on mac FireFox, Safari and Chrome. Not a browser issue.

    Going to try to break it into smaller files and do individually unless anyone else has any other work arounds.

  • Marina0930

    Hi ShanLastShreds did you ever find a solution for this?  I am having the exact same problem you are.

  • Anonymous

    Here is another post on how you can import a blog from blogger to wordpress(for larger blogs)

  • Quick question – When I was moving my blogger blog to a WordPress theme that does not allow me to have my blog on my homepage or index file. The theme is designed for the blog to live in a separate folder [site[.]com/blog].

    Is this putting my blog in a subfolder will mess up my SEO or blog feed? I do not have a feed burner account so am I correct to assume that my subscribers are using Atom for the feed?

  • precogtyrant

    Your theme must have a page template called “blog”. Create a new blank page and select “blog” on the page template section on the right hand side if that’s the case.