How to insert a Google spreadsheet into a Google Docs document

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August 8, 2011

Google Spreadsheets and Google Documents have become essential tools for those who regularly need to deal with documents and spreadsheets. Google Spreadsheets, for its set of powerful tools lets you arrange and compute data as well as pull information from the web using its import functions. But sometimes, you need to insert a table created in Google Spreadsheets into a Google Document. Google Docs doesn’t let you insert a Google Spreadsheets directly into a Google Document. This feature on the other hand is easily available in Microsoft Office. Don’t worry, here is a workaround for inserting a Google Spreadsheets into a Google Document.

We will be using the Edit HTML feature of Google Docs to insert an already created Google Spreadsheets into a Google Document. But, the latest version of Google Docs doesn’t have the Edit HTML feature; this has been complained by many Google Docs fans. But don’t worry, you can switch back to the older version(not via a dedicated option of course). Create a new document by following this link: This will create a new Google Document in the older version. You may be prompted to switch to the newer version but simply ignore it. Or if your have already created a document in the newer version, copy everything from it and paste it to the one you just created and finally save it.  TSV(Tab Separated Value) to HTML converter spreadsheet. Now open the “TSV to HTML Converter” tab on the spreadsheet and paste everything that you copied from your spreadsheet to the A5 cell. You will instantly get the HTML for your spreadsheet in the cell just right to it. Now copy the cell i.e. B5.

Now go to your Google Document and click on Edit>Edit HTML. Now paste what you just copied from the spreadsheet to it and hit OK. You will instantly see your table there. If you have some text in your document, be careful while pasting.

Thus you can insert a Google spreadsheet to a Google Document by first converting the TSV to HTML and then inserting the code from the HTML view in the document. You can also convert data in your Excel file on your computer to HTML and insert it into a Google Docs Document.

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  • trebots

    Nice try, but they turned off the action=newdoc thing a few days ago, probably more or less as you clicked “Publish”!