How to Install Eric6 IDE for Python on Windows

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April 17, 2015

Python is one of the best General purpose programming languages out there and is extensively used in web applications, scientific research and more. There are plenty of IDEs or Integrated Development Environments for Pythons to choose from, some of which are free and some are paid. Some popular paid ones such as Pycharm, WingIDE etc. both of which also have a free version with limited features and tools. However there are some lesser known Python IDEs such as Ninja IDE, Eric IDE, Pyscripter etc. which while being free are also quite feature rich that they give IDEs like Pycharm a run for their money.

Eric IDE is one such IDE that isn’t known to many but contains so many features that its hard to believe it’s a free tool. But installation can be a bit tricky for Windows users in lack of proper documentaiton. Here’s how you can install Eric 6 IDE on Windows.

First of all, download Pyqt5 and install it. Please refer to this documentation to install Pyqt5(you need to have SIP install for it to successfully install)

Download Eric 6 installer package from their website here. After downloading the zip file extract it on your disk. Now copy the location of the folder. If you extract the files in the downloads folder, the location path will be something like: C:usersYOURPCNAMEdownloadseric6extracted

Now open command prompt(type cmd in windows search and hit Enter). Now type cd and paste the path of the folder location and hit Enter. Now open the folder through windows explorer and make sure there is an file in the extracted directory. If it is, switch to command prompt again and type and hit Enter.

Now wait until the installation is complete. Once done, you will see a message saying: Installation complete, Press enter to continue…

Now Hit enter and type eric6 and press Enter again. This should open up the Eric6 IDE.

pythonericideTo configure for autocompletion etc. in Eric6, go to Settings>preferences in the menu and go to Autocompletion>QSintilla. Select “from document and API files”. Now open Editor>APIs and select Python3 from the language dropdown. Click on Python3.4 API and press click on compile APIs. Do the same for QScintilla. Make sure to play around with other settings such as Code Checkers, file handling etc. to match your preferences.

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  • TheRaven

    @ADMIN: excellent, short and sweet tutorial that absolutely eliminated 90% of the guess work involved getting Eric 6 installed and running. Cannot be more pleased with your work concerning Eric 6 installation and preliminary setup –all has worked as described. Thanks for taking the time posting your experience on the internet, and best wishes to you in all things. TC & thumbs up.

    PyQT for Python 3.4 & QT5 executable – full installation
    Python 3.4 64bit – standard full installation
    Windows 10 64bit – anniversary update

  • adobe support 1-844-745-1521

    very well written for paython on window service. i read it and appreciate it by my mind because don’t know how to operate it from command prompts.

    adobe technical

  • Raveesha Karunasinghe

    thanks dr.. it’s work..

  • Stephen Thornton

    I’ve tried the above and get the message “eric6 is not recognized as an internal or external command”.
    Where exactly should the installation location be? Presumably not in the Downloads folder.
    What form does the Eric6 file take, is it a .exe?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Sandilian Arumugam

    Hi go to window start button and the search window type eric6 and you will find the program if it is installed correctly and click on it. it will launch the program

    mine location is C:UsersDELLAppDataLocalProgramsPythonPython35-32Scripts
    it is a window batch file

  • nurun allan nur hidayat

    Thank you. Useful tutorial

  • Seghier Mohamed Abdelaziz

    first how we can install QScintilla 2.8.0 from zip file ?