How to know the number of Facebook users living in a country

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February 15, 2012

Facebook has a very good penetration in all countries across the world. With growing number of users everyday, Facebook has managed to entice people of all age groups. The density of people on Facebook may widely vary by country though. Have you really wondered, how many people living in your country are on Facebook? Well if you want to know the number of people from your country on Facebook, here’s a useful trick.

Number of Facebook users living in your countryYou must know that Facebook allows you to advertise your page. If you click on Create an Ad link at the upper right corner on Facebook, you will get options for creating an ad campaign. Open the link and you will see lots of options to start an ad campaign. Select one of your page from the Destinations dropdown or specify an external URL, fill other details and hit the continue button.  Now at the right hand side, you will see a demographics tab that shows the estimated reach for your ad. This number actually is the total number of people living in your country, under the age specified in the age dropdown. By default, the age is set to 18. Choose “Any” from the dropdown and you will see the number of Facebook users from your country.

You can filter the data by Men and women as well. You can select either All, Men or Women from the respective radio buttons. Selecting men would give you the number of males on Facebook living in your country. Another cool thing about it is that you can also have the number of people with specific interests by entering the interests that you want statistics for.

Although this data is not exact, it does really help you to get the rough idea on the number of facebook users living in your country of residence. Not just your country but you can get the data for any country you choose.

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