How to restore the icons on the Addons bar to the right hand side in Firefox

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May 3, 2011

Firefox 4 has a completely revamped interface as compared with its earlier counterpart, the Firefox 3. If you use Firefox 4, you must have noticed that the addon bar that on Firefox 3 isn’t visible by default on Firefox 4. But you can turn it on from the customization options. On Firefox, you would have come across times when the icons on your Addon bar in Firefox shift all the way to the left from their default right hand side position. If you want to restore them to the right, here’s the workaround.

Firefox Addon bar Flexible SpaceTo shift the icons on the Firefox Addon bar to the right side, right click on the addon bar and select “Customize”. Now, locate “Flexible Space” icon from the list. Drag it out from the window and drop it towards the left of the icons on your Addon bar. While dropping, you’ll notice a black line highlighting the adjacent space between the icons. Just drop the icon to far left and you’ll instantly see the Icons on the Addon bar move to the right.

Alternately, if you want to have the addon icons towards the left, you can drag the Flexible Space icon from the customize window to the right of the icons.

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