How to secure email hosting for business

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October 6, 2012

Email or webmail hosting solutions provide customers access to messaging and information sharing resources. Securing email hosting can be a difficult issue for clients or users. Many of the suggestions for a secure webmail hosting can be planned. These tips are regular updates to functions, passwords, backups and many others. In this article we would discuss on how to secure email hosting.

Security question

Customers need to prepare effective security questions from words and synonym characters that are essential. Many security questions are small, easily read and answered while many others complex. Therefore the security question chosen from correct lines and sentence formation must be relevant. This is the most weakest part of email hosting overall.

Login information

Login information regarding a user login data must be protected, not shown or provided to anyone else. Having a dedicated hosting account for accessing emails is better than obtaining an email account on internet, due to security of login data. Sometimes it becomes a necessity for sharing emails with other people but the data for login must be kept intact and secure.

Selecting correct solution

Correct email security solution for user and customer is one with lots of scale opportunities, inexpensive or cost minimizing. Overall a judicious and right mix of all features must complement the selection of solution for the email security that the client desires. A proper email security solution would have all these features and be within the budget also.

Regular backups

Maintaining regular backups for the email and email accounts increases recovery of system files for customer. As it is important to increase the security for email account, it should regularly be backed up. This allows the user or owner of site to maintain regular content replication and also validate the same. Thus the backups for emails generally provide a regular maintained security for email hosting. Backups would be required for system config, database, application data as also these need not be stored on the server archives.


The firewalls and security solution for email hosting can be easily configured. This allows blocking of IPs and server addresses that tend to attack using spurious or spammed emails and unauthorized access. These must be maintained for about a finite time period.


The passwords for the email hosted accounts must be easily the strongest to maintain the secure email account. Various combinations and technical aspects to a strong password can be utilized while a complex password may be provided. Complex passwords would obtain the same purpose for email host as the strong password. These can be changed regularly at the monthly or quarterly intervals.

SMS alerts

Adding mobile number to SMS alert functions is an important task ahead for security of email hosting. Generally email accounts are vulnerable to hacking and virus attacks whereas the same attacks may be secured from a remote place.

Software patches

A software patch can be defined for fixing problems from computer or data. The security patch resolves bugs, security issues and improves performance. By regular updates to security patch software problems called regressions can be resolved. The memory or other features of the email account are steadily resolved for problems using software patch. This may not be possible from similar other programs or firewalls.

Secondary email

Secondary emails are usual aspect of email hosting for customers. These secondary emails provide a secure outlet for fallback on email accounts. Therefore one can use a corporate email as a secondary account that is hard to guess or ascertain. In this way a secondary email account naturally derives secure benefits from being uncommon, corporate and difficult to assess.


Providing correct information and also right cost evaluations is important for determining necessary selection of webmail hosting solution. These aspects allow users or customers to gain information of the product and direct purchases. Updating and training the customers on security issues and their respective solutions must take lesser time.


Email hosting or webmail hosting have effective planned security methods and techniques. Many tips for enhancing these security aspects of email hosting can be elaborated. In this article, we have discussed 10 tips for a secure email hosting. Readers of the article are invited to submit their comments and views.

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