How to subscribe to translated feeds using Yahoo Pipes and Google Translator

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January 10, 2011

Yahoo Pipes is a very advanced online tool and people use it for various purposes; the main being aggregation of diverse feeds. Yahoo Pipes can be used for various purposes like easily searcing for someone on all social networks, customized search engine results and more. Yahoo Pipes has a tool for using Babelfish translation by default. But Babelfish’s translation algorithm isn’t as advanced as that of Google Translator’s. Here’s a trick using which you can translate a feed using Yahoo Pipes and Google Translator.

Yahoo Pipes Google TranslateYahoo Pipes works like a simple programming language. If you have a basic idea of using it, you can create a pipe for yourself. But you can use one already created by Bertrand. This pipe created by Bertrand can translate a RSS feed to all the languages that are available in Google Translator. Enter the RSS feed URL in the URL section; the language code for the original language (eg. En for English, De for Deutsch etc.) and also the language code for the language to which you want to RSS feed to get translated. Now click on “Run Pipe” and you’ll instantly see the feed translated to your language.

This pipe actually uses another Yahoo Pipe that simply translates a text into a desired language using Google Translator. You can go ahead and click on the “Get as RSS” button to directly subscribe to the translated feed.

Thus, with this trick you can subscribe to the translated version of any feed using Yahoo pipes and Google Translator

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