New features added to Facebook notes

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August 23, 2010

Facebook notes is a great place for sharing ideas or starting a discussion. Due to a very primitive interface, Facebook notes wasn’t much of a fun to use. But now, with some revamps, the Notes has become better.

Earlier, you had to use html codes like <b> </b> for making bold or <i> </i> for italics. But now, you’ll be spared the pain as Facebook has added a couple of dedicated buttons for Bold, italics, underline and so on. The all new text editor is very user friendly and has options for formatting your text as you desire. But for other advanced options like strikethrough, larger font size etc. you’ll have to use the html codes.

Finding an earlier note on Facebook was as tedious as looking for an one-month-old status update. But now  you can see handful of options in the left hand menu for browsing through your notes. You can open up notes posted by you, your friends, your drafts and the notes in which you have been tagged.

You can also tag Facebook pages in your notes now. Like if you are talking about Domino’s Pizza, you can tag Domino’s Pizza Facebook page in your note for reference. And when people view the notes on Dominoes Pizza, yours will also appear in the list as you’ve tagged the page in your note. But if you could also tag Facebook Events in your notes, it would have been better.

So now you can feel more comfortable with notes on Facebook.

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