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Learn everything new from Google via Google New

Google being the Technology Giant it is, keeps launching lots of new services now and then and keeps adding new features to the already existing ones. But unless you keep regular tabs on the major blogs by Google, you won’t know what Google came up with recently. Even the technology blogs do not cover everything new by Google. Google new is a page on the Google’s website that lists all the new services by Google.


URL Shortening bookmarklets for your browser

URL shorteners came along to help you trim the URLs to something short. There are lots of URL shorteners that help you shrink a URL to make it easy for you to share, or use in print. But copying a URL, heading over to the URL shortener website, shortening it and then grabbing the shrunken URL is a bit longer process if you really love shortcuts. In such cases, browser bookmarklets for URL shortening can be helpful. You can save the bookmarklet to your browser and shorten a URL with the click of a button. Here’s a list of some of the URL shortening bookmarklets from different services. To save them to your browser, just drag the javascript bookmarklet links to your browser’s bookmark bar.


Bringing Facebook events to Google Calendar

Facebook’s Event application is one of the most widely uesd applications that has been promoted by Facebook itself. Google Calendar is also a popular place for sharing and managing events. People generally create events on Facebook as it is easier to share and invite. But you can choose to sync your Facebook events and Google Calendar if you use Google Calendar more often.

Some Command Prompt Shortcuts for handling Control Panel 1

Some Command Prompt Shortcuts for handling Control Panel

We need to access Control Panel every now and then for tweaking our PC. Some items are available in the main control panel root folder while for some, you have to dig deep into it. You can run the Control Panel tools by using the appropriate shortcuts from the command line. Here is a list of some commands that can be used from the command prompt or from the Run Command to access some useful Control Panel tools.

New features added to Facebook notes 0

New features added to Facebook notes

Facebook notes is a great place for sharing ideas or starting a discussion. Due to a very primitive interface, Facebook notes wasn’t much of a fun to use. Besides browsing through the notes was also a tedious job. But now, with some revamps, the Notes has become better.


Manage tasks on Remember the Milk with Twitter

Remember the Milk or RTM is popular among many of us. The task management web application allows us to manage multiple tasks from any computer and can be done offline too with Google Gears. Remember the milk has many advanced task management options. Do you know that you can also manage and add tasks to Remember the Milk via Twitter?


Cool text effects for social profiles

If you are an avid Facebook user, you must be updating your status on it every now and then. Some people also love changing their status in messengers very frequently. If you want to try something new, like updating status in a cool way, you can try out some crazy text types.

Add an image search option in Firefox Search box 3

Add an image search option in Firefox Search box

If you search for images as much as you search for anything on the web, you might have wished for a shortcut like having an image search option from the search box of your browser directly. You generally open up Google Image Search or Yahoo Image Search to look for images. But having an image search option directly in the search box would be much convenient and time-saving.